Esseti Plast Color and Additive Masterbatches

Esseti Plast by Ascend, specializes in masterbatch technology for colors and additives for polymers, offers endless creative opportunities, ensuring the highest levels of quality, performance and sustainability.

Located in Mozzate, Italy near Milan we offer a wide range of masterbatches and we can develop products to meet your specific requirements.

Technology Highlights

  • Expertise in polyamide masterbatches, including PA 66
  • Color masterbatch and additives for PET applications in thermoformed sheets, suitable notably for food contact applications and furniture
  • Nigrosine masterbatch on different polymeric matrices, obtained with a dedicated continuous production process
  • Pre-dispersed masterbatches, allowing more uniform coloring and lower processing costs

  • Carbon Black masterbatches specific for technical molding
  • Special Effects for different polymers (Metalized, Pearlescent, Iridescent, Phosphorescent, plus Fragrances…)
  • Specific performances (UV stabilizers, Anti-blocking/Slip, Antioxidants, Cleaning agents, Nucleating agents, Drying agents, Antistatic, Opacifiers, Laser markers…)

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